We collect and store data on your behalf from all of your processing entities. The data is stored in a PCI environment and is fully redundant. We have an abundance of out-of-the box reports that illustrate this data in familiar to you format. Our dynamic reporting ensures that all your data in consolidated and full interactivity means you can work with your reports on the fly. Talk to us about your specific needs.


We offer functionality such as basic CRM profiling. You are able to create entities for each member of your customer base and keep as much detail on their file as needed. This information can then be used to facilitate processing services, reporting, shipping, support and various other functions. Our aim is to take over the mundane tasks so that you can focus on growing your business.

Settlement, EFT & Billing

There are instances when solutions offered out-of-the box by processing entities run short and don’t offer the flexibility necessary for your business. Our billing engine provides unparalleled functionality and will help you charge based on virtually any criteria you can think of. All of this can be done automatically on a daily basis as part of settlement to ensure that you don’t chase anyone for payment.

ATM Forecasting & Load Management

ATM/CIT processes can be computerized and explicitly documented, including: load orders, verifications, transfers and balances. Clients running their own Cash In Transit service will also benefit from CIT specific functions such as run optimization, weapon logs and scheduling. We integrate with third party CIT providers and obtain all activity associated with loading your portfolio. Expect to reduce the effort needed to manage and balance your ATM portfolio by as much as 80%.


In order to make our solution complete we already integrate with switches (processors), financial institutions, banks, accounting systems, shipping services, loyalty providers, CRMs, ERPs and many more. We are entity agnostic and will work will anyone. We realize that each business works a certain way and requires data exchange with specific entities. We’re always open to integration with various parties and consider this to be the easiest part of the whole process.


We recognize the fact that you want to stand out and as such your technological needs will vary from the pack. We help you to harness the power of technology and apply it to your operations to ensure that you keep your upper hand. Some of the solutions we’ve already implemented include custom reporting, accounting automation, trigger device-provisioning and settlement mechanisms, custom payout solutions, financial switch applications and various others.